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What is actually covered in Manufacturer Warranties?

All vehicles come with a warranty period, although this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A car manufacturers warranty is offered for a handful of reasons but the major being to cover any form of repairs that may come up during an agreed number of years. Warranties serve as a good selling point for car because it helps the buyer feel a lessened level of risk and a heightened level of faith in the product’s quality.

‌For automobiles, warranty periods can be as short as 2 months to 2 years or as long as 3 years to 7 years. Warranty can also be covered in terms of the mileage covered by the car. The length of the warranty is often a function of the financial commitment made in the initial purchase and the confidence of the manufacturer in his or her product.

‌The kind and extent of repair covered is often clearly stated by the manufacturer. Common parts of the car often covered by most warranties include; the engine, the electric system, the fueling system, the gearbox, and the breaks. Very often, parts like the battery, tires, belts and the fluids are not covered in the manufacturer’s warranty. As soon as you purchase a new vehicle, it is important to read the manufacturer’s warranty document to understand the full extent of your warranty’s coverage.

‌You can claim your warranty for free all you have to do is to notify the car dealer as soon as you observe a fault. The faults would be assessed and a quote would be made for the cost of repairs. Once quote is approved, the repairs can be carried out.

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